Four weeks behind agenda, finally the development of my spherical house has started. Why round, you may ask? Well, why not round, I would ask again! A round house has unique advantages in terms of thermal insulation, and structural steadiness. Given that the winters here are cool, and I want to keep carefully the house comfortably warm only using t… Read More

A septic container is a chamber used for the retention and partial treatment of home wastewater. Effluent from the container is discharged to the land through perforated pipes beneath the ground surface. A septic fish tank can be used wherever earth characteristics are ideal and where there is sufficient ground depth above the bottom water table. T… Read More

Proper care and feeding of your septic system to extend the life of your on-site sewage system, save on maintenance costs and protect water quality. Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems, Bennette D. Burks , Mary Margaret Minnis, Hogarth House 1994 - among the best septic system books around, suffering a little from small fonts and a poor index. Whil… Read More

Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the website like community and recipe comments. Also important to the design is the Hydraulic Loading, which is the quantity of effluent applied per rectangular feet of trench surface. Because water filtration systems through clay soils more slowly than through fine sand or silt, the hydraulic lau… Read More